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Love Letter to Myself

Updated: May 7, 2019

Self-love is a vital part of a happy life. For many, it feels uncomfortable to declare that you love yourself. Some have even experienced self-hate and may not relate to the concept of self-love. I recently published a love letter to myself in my book “Radically Me! Transforming Trauma to Create a Life You Love.” I encourage you to write your own letter. If you don’t know what to love about yourself, see yourself through the eyes of a lover or friend. One of my next books will be a compilation of love letters. If you are interested in sharing yours, message me! Here’s mine...

My dearest beloved,

The beauty of your smile is surpassed by the beauty of your soul. You light up a room when you enter. The generous, giving nature that comes so naturally sits in contrast to your sense of not being worthy of receiving. I hope my love for you can show you how worthy you truly are.

Of the many things to love about you, my favorite is your courage. Despite all the pain of your childhood and years of struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide, you have persevered. You have taken that pain and used it to catalyze your personal growth. It drives you to help others and in doing so, help yourself. You are helping to heal the world!

I love how your mind flows in and out of seemingly random thoughts. But there is purpose. You are not linear or shallow. That makes you so much fun to talk to! I hope you realize how extraordinary you are! You have had some incredible experiences in your life by simply showing up and having the courage to take a chance.

Your passion, humor, intellect, compassion, and generosity all make you so very lovable! See, I told you there were many things to love about you! I’ll write more next time!

I am so excited for the rest of our days together! What an adventure it will be.

Much love, forever and always!


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